Floor Door - Model H-20
Split Leaf, Heavy Duty Gutter, Stainless Steel



All new Tor-Key adjustable torsion spring.

There is a door for every requirement. Our new Torsion Spring will make your job even better. All new Torsion Spring Operator by Dur-Red Products Adjustable Chrome Vanadium Torsion Springs with trouble-free performance. The operator is maintained within the door with no hardware projection down into the well or pit to interfere with any equipment. Buildings can be equipped with a wide range of types and sizes of doors to fill every user's requirements. These include hinges and snap lock with removable handle. Door should be located where they will provide the most convenient access into the area below.

All doors area equipped with an inside safety release mechanism to prevent anyone being locked inside accidentally or otherwise. All sizes of floor doors are available in standard and special orders, the interior or exterior door to fit special opening cut into floor or cast into cement.

Dur-Red Products floor door leafs are designed to withstand uniformly distributed stationary floor loads up to 150 lbs. per square foot or H2O loads. Where carts, hand trucks, or other mobile equipment will be used, specify loads. Units are designed for use in off-street locations where not subjected to high density traffic. Oversize doors may be spliced.

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