Gravity Ventilator - Model GVC


FurGravity Ventilator and Skylight Combination shall be Model No. _________ as manufactured by Dur-Red Products. They shall be factory fabricated units consisting of a fixed louver blade. The blade, base, and corner post, shall have a 20 gauge G.I. louver blade that is continuous. The gravity ventilator shall consist of a one-piece acrylic dome; white translucent or clear colorless acrylic. Dome frame shall be an extruded aluminum 6063-T5. Frame minimum thickness of .070 and provide a self-contained sloping condensation and weepage gutter for drainage.


AV3636 301/4" x 301/4"
AV5252 461/4" x 461/4"
AV2052 141/4" x 461/4"
AV3296 251/2" x 891/2"
AV3652 301/4" x 461/4"
AV3676 301/4" x 691/2"
AV2852 221/4" x 461/4"







**Note: specify curb mounted or self flashing

Technical Drawing




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