Double Door Domed Smoke Hatch - Model FSHD


Dur-Red Products double door Domed Smoke Hatches are equipped with an automatic device, which at a temperature of approximately 165º F. causes the fusing of a link located at the center of the two doors; torsion spring drives then cause the doors to open by compulsory force; shock absorbers are installed to control the speed of the door as it travels open. The automatic device can be easily re-set, and a new link inserted, without removing or dismantling the doors.

**Doors may be manually opened from the inside of outside by a handle; depending upon the type and application. These units, specify by Model No. _______________ Smoke Hatch, have a 14 gauge G.I. curb. Lids shall be of 11 gauge aluminum; dome frame shall be a minimum thickness of .072 aluminum and provide a self contained sloping condensation and weepage gutter for drainage. Each unit shall consist of a one-piece acrylic dome (either white translucent or clear colorless). The dome retaining frame secured to the curb frame. Lids, curb and dome frame are fully welded and ground smooth completely for absolute weather tightness; completely assembled with "heavy-duty" aluminum 3/16" pivot hinges. Painted with two coats of G66S13 primer.


FSHD 48" x 48"
FSHD 48" x 72"
FSHD 48" x 90"
FSHD 48" x 96"
FSHD 60" x 60"
FSHD 60" x 96"
FSHD 72" x 72"







Technical Drawing


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